Thursday, October 9, 2014

15 Reasons Every Mom Should Play the Guitar

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1. You've found it tough to keep up with old hobbies.

2. You need a new hobby that requires little concentration and minimal time investment.

3. With three chords and a little singing, you can play hundreds of songs.

4. Even though you're really just playing the same three chords over and over, you feel like you're developing a real talent.

5. Remember those three chords? Now you can use them to write your own songs.

6. Your kids think you're playing for them, but really it's for you.

7. It can change your mood.

8. It can change your kids' moods. Pick up a guitar, play your toddler's favorite song, and just wait for him to start dancing and stop whining.

9. Guitars can be packed in a car, taken to the park, or hung out of reach on the wall.  Unlike the ukelele (another decent choice), it's too big to be adopted as a toddler's own instrument and can't be carried off without attracting attention.

10. Playing and singing kids songs is a great activity for play school and play dates.

11. Hearing you practice is a great example for your kids.

12. It brings the family together.

13. It keeps your brain going.

14. It gives you a creative outlet.

15. It's a great emotional release.  It makes you feel young, free, and even a little rebellious. Which, let's be honest, we all need.

Coming soon: Beginning Guitar Method for Moms by video tutorial. You've got two weeks to dig that guitar out of that closet at your parents' place.

Also, last day to enter the CD giveaway.

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