Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fall Festival Fun

Autumn is here!

Fall is my favorite season in Virginia by far. I love the cooler temperatures and fall colors... and apples and pumpkins and sweaters. I love fairs and harvest themes and not worrying so much about sunscreen on my fair-skinned boy. One thing I've been looking forward to this fall is going back to the Cox Farms Fall Festival. We had so much fun there last year. Seriously. It was one of my top three favorite days spent with my family.

Top three. It's that good.

Maybe it just hits a sweet spot for almost two-year-old boys, but Gummy was happy the entire time, and we LOVED watching him see all the animals he'd been reading about.

Before I show you around, I just want to remind you about this music giveaway. It's open for one more week. If you spend any time with preschoolers or early elementary schoolers, it's some fun music to have on hand.

Now back to the farm.

 The festival includes live music, food, free apples and apple cider, a pumpkin to take home, animals, tractor rides, super slides all over the place, bubble machines, play areas for littles, and this:

It's like a sandbox, but with corn kernels.

 Tickets range from $14-$17 per person depending on the weekend, and go as low as $9 on weekdays. The farm is located near Centreville, VA.

 How d'ya drive this thing?

 It was like Gummy made it his goal to touch as many animals as possible.

We milked this. It was an experience we needed.

Then we went to a musical, yes a MUSICAL, about milking cows.

And one of the best parts. Hay fights.
 Sheer joy.

It's a slide!

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